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Agent operating items


  • The Italian SAMPLA conveyor and transmission belts
  • Italy ELATECH PU steel and KEVLAR timing belt
  • VOLTA flat belts, Round and V-belts
  • U.S. FLEXCO heavy-duty fasteners, tools
  • U.S. CLIPPER wire hooks, tools
  • U.S. ALLIGATOR fasteners, tools
  • Spindle tapes for textile machines, tangential belt,printing belt
  • Particular belts for marble grinding machine, sawing machine, bowling and turning machine
  • Belts for paper conveyor, transmission belts, blanket belts
  • Belts for woodworking machines, sanding machines, food FDA belts, anti-slip belts
  • Belts for wrapper machine of steel industry, antistatic belts for electronics factory
  • Temperature Teflon, silicone belts, anti-stick belts
  • The various cleats, guides and skirts of processing accessories

    Transmission & transport

    Flat conveyor belt, belts, stock inventory offers 300 models, Taiwan's only fully meet customer demand, and production of all kinds of models for the special needs of the project belt, please contact us.